Complete remodeling of a major urban site

– Renovation of the Jourdain and Sauvage buildings, both of which figure in the Historical Monuments register, respecting meticulous authenticity.
– Reconstruction of the Rivoli building with contemporary architecture
– Reclassification of urban planning around La Samaritaine

Work began at the site in September 2015. Numerous previously uncatalogued elements were discovered as work proceeded, requiring ongoing adaptation and modification of the initial plans. The sheer complexity of a restoration and renovation project of this scope in the center of Paris posed huge challenges in terms of organization, logistics and respect for the environment. 

Construction site safety ©Elqui Films
No. 2 crane assembly ©Elqui Films
No. 3 crane assembly ©Elqui Films
Installation of abutments for Rivoli building ©Elqui Films
Installation of night shift facility on the Quai du Louvre ©Elqui Films
Escalators delivered to the worksite at night ©Elqui Films
Illustrations by Kanako on worksite protective canvas ©Elqui Films
Illustrations by Charles Berberian on worksite protective canvas ©Elqui Films
Crane No. 1 disassembly ©Elqui Films
Trees at La Samaritaine ©Elqui Films