A marriage of eras

The architectural identity of the new La Samaritaine is the fruit of creation and conservation, a fusion of old and new.

The contemporary architecture of the Rivoli building (formerly store No. 4) materializes the bold vision and spirit of innovation that have always defined La Samaritaine.

Stretching from the Rue de Rivoli to the Pont-Neuf, three successive courtyards – each with generous natural lighting via glass roofs – punctuate a promenade through a décor unlike any other, blending an atmosphere of rich historical heritage with contemporary creativity. 

The exuberance of Art Nouveau and the linear geometry of Art Deco meld with the innovative, insightful architecture of the Sanaa agency, winner of the 2010 Pritzker Prize. Exquisitely restored by master artisans, the historic décors and facades (the monumental staircase, the fresco, the frieze and glazed lava stone panels) have all been returned to their stunning original radiance.

In Search of Lost Décor ©Elqui Films
Removal of glazed lava stone panels ©Elqui Films
Restoration of glazed lava stone panels ©Elqui Films
New lava stone panels ©Elqui Films
Installation of restored lava stone panels ©Elqui Films
Removal of peacock fresco ©Elqui Films
Restoration of peacock fresco ©Elqui Films
Installation of restored peacock fresco ©Elqui Films
Removal of the frieze ©Elqui Films
Restoration of the frieze ©Elqui Films
Removal of railings ©Elqui Films
Restoration of railings ©Elqui Films
Installation of restored railings ©Elqui Films
Removal of skylights ©Elqui Films
Restoration of skylights ©Elqui Films
Removal of zinc pinnacles ©Elqui Films
Installation of restored zinc pinnacles ©Elqui Films
Removal of metal frames ©Elqui Films
Restoration of metal frames ©Elqui Films
Restoration of composite decorative panels ©Elqui Films
Restoration of mosaic “Samaritaine” sign ©Elqui Films
Installation of restored stucco décor elements ©Elqui Films