While some people may think that the La Samaritaine department store is still open, it actually closed in 2005. Here are some key dates for the developments since then :

2005: Despite major upgrading work, Magasins 2 and 4 are closed on the orders of the Préfecture de Police, citing fire safety reasons

2006: Negotiation discussions with La Samaritaine’s employees’ representatives for redundancy of the 725 employees, 781 demonstrators and external staff

2006 – 2009: Initial feasibility and technical studies in consultation with the City of Paris authorities for a multi-purpose venue compatible with heritage preservation and the economic sustainability of the site

2009: Architectural tendering process with Herzog & Meuron (Switzerland) and Sanaa (Japan)

2010:  Sanaa is appointed as architect for the project

July 2011: Application submitted for building permits, followed by public inquiry from November to June 2012

December 2012: Building permits granted

February 2013: Appeal against the two building permits (Seine and Rivoli sites)

April 2014: The Tribunal Administratif, or Administrative Court, approves the building permit for the Seine site, but rejects the Rivoli permit

January 2015: The Cour Administratif d’Appel, or Administrative Court of Appeal, upholds the rejection of the permit

June 2015: The Conseil d’État, or Council of State overrides the Administrative Court of Appeal’s judgement, and  the Rivoli permit is approved

September 2015: Construction starts, and is estimated to last for a period of four years

A much-loved destination for Parisians for over a century, today La Samaritaine is being reinvented and brought up to date, to take up her quintessential role in the city once again.

With its unique history, eclectic architecture and iconic position on the banks of the Seine, La Samaritaine is reborn as a contemporary lifestyle destination, combining the modernity of Sanaa’s curving glass façade with the heritage of the completely renovated riverside listed building – a multi-faceted reflection of Parisian life today.

The new La Samaritaine will feature :

  • A department store
  • A Cheval Blanc palace hotel
  • 96 social housing units
  • An 80-place creche
  • Office
Ce qu'il y aura à la Nouvelle Samaritaine: - Un Grand Magasin - Un Palace Cheval Blanc - 96 logements sociaux - 1 crèche accueillant 80 berceaux - Des bureaux